Do you need help with growing your business
and you're interested in using Facebook ads to get there?

My name is Alex Platt and I am a Facebook ads strategist, experienced in creating more leads, more awareness and critically, more sales from Facebook ads.

I am a trained Copywriter who loves to get down and dirty with a spreadsheet - a pretty unique combination, but one that means I'm hyper-focused on developing a Facebook ads strategy so that I use your ads budget in the best way to get you results.

I have worked with action-taking coaches and brands in Health and Beauty to drive leads to challenges, build subscribers on email lists, fill online video Masterclasses and sell e-commerce products.

If you're interested in finding out more about Facebook and Instagram advertising, please check out my packages here. 



in an online world where everyone is shouting,
there is power in an ad that shines through

I love the research that goes into finding WHO you want to talk to.

I love getting to know WHAT you and your business are all about. Listening to what your passions are so that I can communicate this energy to your audience.

And then there’s finding WHERE those golden audiences are hanging out. Focusing on where your audience are and what their behaviour is so that we can laser-target them with content and ads that will convert.

The pleasure for me is putting all this together and solving your business struggles. I help you to create advertising for your business that you’re proud of, that you share and shout about, but so does everyone else too! And of course, my greatest joy is checking the stats to make them convert better and better, every time.

So if you're interested in how Facebook ads could work for your business, why not book a call with me today and let's have a chat.

what others say

“We were struggling with getting our online content in front of the right audiences that converted to sales. We were thrilled that the ads resulted in increased sales and revenues. Alex was a pleasure to work with, extremely professional and wise in her field. Super friendly and generally, just lovely.”

Shane O'Sullivan, 2019

"Before I met Alex I was overwhelmed, overwrought and great at what I did. Just needed a system and some polish to make more people know about me. Alex delivered that and a million more things. She is much more than a Facebook Ads Strategist, or an email sequence ninja, she’s all this and so much more. The whole package. She will sort you, and your business right out. X"

Helen Pritchard, 2017

"Alex has been instrumental in helping me create a strategy for my company and I highly recommend her! I am so happy with what we have done so far and really look forward to how things will evolve. It's a whole new world out there, and Alex will steer you in the right direction!"

Dr Courtney Raspin, 2019