Kick Start Your Facebook Ads Strategy Call

I offer a Kick Start Your Facebook Ads strategy call package and I’m excited to tell you what that entails.


It's a brand new introductory level package. And as it's a one-off call there's no monthly retainer fee.  On the 1.5 – 2 hour deep dive call we’ll get clear on who your ideal client is on Facebook or Instagram, who you should be targeting, how to align your business goals with the ads and what your Facebook ads goals are.

The call is a good way of dipping your toe in the water of Facebook ads, but with the feeling like you've got a bit of professional support and expertise so you're not completely on your own.

Before the ‘Kick Start Your Facebook Ads Strategy Call

  • To save time on the call itself I will send you a questionnaire to complete which focuses on your ideal client.
  • I will undertake some client research so that when we talk, we can get really clear on who your ideal buying customer is on Facebook.
  • I will complete a website audit and look through your landing pages as if I was one of your customers. I’ll see how easy is it for me to find everything, if the call to actions are clear enough and more.
  • I'll write a short report on my findings highlighting the things that stand out to me, the things that maybe aren’t as clear as they could be. Tidying up your website and landing pages will help your Facebook ads convert as you’ll be attracting your ideal customers to your website.
  • If you have been running Facebook ads already yourself, or had someone else running them, but weren't happy with the results, I'll do a Facebook ads manager audit. To do this you will need to add me as an advertiser so I can go in and look around the ads that you were running, who you were targeting, and what the results were. I’ll maybe have a look at the journey, at the ad creative, things like that. And, again, I'll write up a few hints and tips about what you should change in the future that might help them convert a little bit better. It might even be as simple as changing the campaign that you were running.

What to expect on the Facebook ads strategy call 

  • The call will last from 1.5 – 2 hours, so make sure you have the time. We may get too excited in our strategic thinking and I’d hate to cut the call short just as our creativity kicks in.
  • From the responses to the questionnaire we can discuss your ideal customer. I’ll tell you how you should be targeting your Facebook ads to the customers you want to talk to. This is something that a lot of people struggle with because it's a different way of thinking, but it can be fun and you’ll get lot of ideas.
  • We’ll look at what it is that you want to sell on Facebook ads or promote and some ways to do that.
  • We’ll discuss your ideal client's journey: where they're coming from, and where you want to get them too. I’ll translate this into a Facebook ads strategy (funnel). The word funnel can scare people off, but it literally is like a funnel. You've got to imagine all of your audience pouring in the top, and funnelling down. The people who convert are the ones that end up at the bottom of the funnel. This really isn't that hard or scary.
  • We'll run through how much ideally you should spend or want to spend on Facebook ads, and what sort of results you could potentially look to get. The way that I calculate that is based on my experience with how much things are costing to convert at the moment. I’ll give you an idea of the investment you should be making, this will help you determine if Facebook ads are something you want to be spending your money on.
  • Everything that we discuss, even if you don’t use Facebook ads, will help you to create an effective organic marketing plan, so it won’t be a wasted call.

What happens after the call?

  • After the call I will write all my findings up into a concise report that you will have to refer back to in the future with all out findings from the call.
  • If necessary, I will map out your funnel for you on a diagram and send it to you so you can move forwards with it.
  • I will also send you a recording of the call for you to listen back to whenever you need to.

What if I just need a bit of Facebook ads training?

That’s Ok, I am here to help my clients no matter what stage they are at.

  • If we find we don’t need to do a lot of what I have talked about and instead you would like to learn more about how to set up Facebook or Instagram ads, we can spend time with you asking me lots of questions about Facebook ads.
  • We could do a screen share call where I can offer a bit of training.
  • I could show you how to set a Facebook ad up.
  • Or if you're a little bit more experienced, again, we could go into the ads manager so that I can show you things in a bit more detail.

The call is quite a comprehensive strategy call, you will have a plan to take forward yourself to run Facebook ads.

The work that we do is exactly what I do with my Facebook ads management clients to begin with. It’s incredibly valuable and I know that a lot of my clients find this initial call really motivating and inspiring because it really gets you pumping. By the end of it you just want to go and sell your product or service!

If you are interested in this ‘Kick Start Your Facebook Ads Strategy Call, then please either go to the page to book a call, or contact me for some more information.

Hopefully I’ll speak to you soon.

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