How to Use Dynamic Creative for a Winning Ad

In this blog I’m going to tell you how to use Dynamic Creative in Facebook ads.


It’s a relatively new feature that Facebook has rolled out in their Ads Manager and it's a really quick and easy way to test out which of your ads are performing the best.

To give the best possible service to my clients I like to run a testing phase which involves going through lots of different elements of their sales funnel to find a best performing ad or audience. But that can take time, and it can take a portion of extra budget too which some of my clients don’t always have.

For my clients who have a shorter time frame, and want to get things up and running quickly, I can now use this Dynamic Creative function to essentially run a fast test to find out what's working best.

How to use Dynamic Creative

  • Set up your ad as normal.
  • In the ad set level - the section where you do all of your targeting – you’ll see a switch saying, ‘do you want to use dynamic creative?’
  • Toggle it on.

Once it’s on and you go into your ad section (where you build your ad) you have the functionality to add everything in.

  • Go into your ad section.
  • Instead of uploading one image, it allows you to upload up to 10 images.
  • You can upload videos as well.
  • You also get five versions of your copy and five different headlines that you can upload too (the section underneath your image or video).
  • You can test up to five call-to-action buttons as well.

Once you've created one ad with one ad set, you can duplicate that into as many ad sets as you need to for your different audiences. Make sure the button is ticked to copy over any likes, comments and shares from the original ad.

Measuring success

You’ll want to know which ads are working better than the others. You don’t have to wait until the end of the campaign to check performance, you can do this while the ads are running and if you like remove those which just aren’t working for you.

  • Go into your ads manager view to see the metrics
  • Go to Breakdown (you’ll see this top right-ish of all the metrics)
  • In Breakdown it will say ‘by dynamic creative asset’
  • Here you can look up your image, your text and your headline, and quickly see which ads are getting the best click-throughs, the best landing page views, and spending the most budget. Facebook will work out which one is performing well and allocate a lot of the budget to this one.

So, once you add them all together, or, what I do is run through each ad and work out which combination is the best, you can leave an ad running, or you could build yourself a new ad set with that one winning ad formula and go out and try and get conversions for it.

I've been using Dynamic Creative for a couple of my clients and I’ve seen great results. One client who normally converts at about a £3 a lead, is getting it down to a pound, often less, with this feature. They’re really getting good value and maximizing their budget.

I suppose the moral of this story is that Facebook is rolling out a lot of things which allows you to put your trust into Facebook to find the right audience and the right mix of creatives. So now you know how to use Dynamic Creative, I recommend you give it a try and see if it makes a positive difference to your budget.

I hope that's helped, and if you have any questions about how to use it some more, please do get in contact.

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