How To Make Scroll-Stopping Facebook Ads Creative

Has your ad got scroll-stopping Facebook ads creative?


Great, you've got your ad up and running. You know what you're selling and who you're selling to. The stumbling block makes an appearance when you're in Ads Manager wondering “how can I make this ad look different to all the other ones, make it really stand out so that it sells my services or product?”

I’ve written this blog to prevent that stumbling block; here are my top tips to help your Facebook ads creative really stand out and stop people from scrolling past.

1. Think about doing a video.

Videos are a really engaging type of Facebook ads creative. A lot of people will stop and watch a video so try to make them short – ideally under a minute if you can. You can talk about so much, including things like:

  • Your product or service, or whatever it is that you're advertising.
  • An event you are holding.
  • The benefits that you're giving to other people (if you’re unsure about what are benefits, check out my other blog The Difference Between Features and Benefits).
  • Why your customers and potential customers should care about what it is you're selling.
  • What's the eventual outcome of the product or service you're promoting.
  • How is it going to make their life different.

If you can fit that into under a minute, then that's brilliant. Don't forget to put captions on the video too.

2. Be creative with your Facebook ads creative: think outside of the box.

One ad that we did which worked really well and got fantastic results had an embedded video into a Canva image. Around the video we put text, sparkles and flashing stickers - it attracted a lot of attention and engagement. It also saves as a video, so you don't have the problem of having too much text on an image (something social media platforms don’t favour!).

3. Ask for video testimonials.

If you have clients or customers who are really happy with what it is that you're advertising, ask them to record a very short video on their phone for you to use. Be helpful and give them a few lines of what you want them to say: how they felt before using your product or service, why they chose your product or service and how it made them feel afterwards.

You can edit their video recording and shorten it if necessary – even make a few small clips from the original, but remember to put some captions to it.

Think about how you can make the video jump out – use bold, bright colours for example. Think about what is going to stop someone from scrolling through their feed?

4. Think about the colours which will stand out on the platform you have chosen for your ad.

Avoid blue on Facebook. Facebook is predominantly blue, and your ad will just blend in and not stand out. Consider using really bright, punchy images. Red and black work well on Facebook, as do other bright colours like yellow.

 5. Use stand out images.

As Instagram is very image-focused, you really need to think about how the image is going to stand out. Use a nice, clear, bright, bold image.

Try and use an image with a face in it too. Use an image of you, or maybe take one from a stock image, looking at the camera. Images where someone is wearing sunglasses or they're facing away from the camera don’t tend to get so much engagement.

You must also think carefully about where you're putting the ad – the placement. If you're going to focus on Instagram stories for example, create your images in the right size. There's no point creating an Instagram story size or a portrait video, and then trying to squeeze it into a Facebook landscape image size – it’s just not going to work!

6. Stay on brand: keep the ad's ‘scent’.

When someone is clicking to your website directly from your ad, your aim should be to integrate the transition seamlessly so your customers or potential customers are ‘following the same scent’.

Don't go too crazy with the design - try and keep it very simple and consistent. Make sure that it links in with the rest of your business. There's no point having a super-trendy ad image clearly aimed at younger people, only for a potential customer to head to your website and see that it's targeted for the older generations. It would look odd and be off-putting.

Take a good look on your website. Are there some images on there, particularly on the landing page, that you could also use in the ad? Test these out.

So those are my main tips for how to create scroll-stopping Facebook ads creative. But of course, I’m going to say it again – you need to test different things and look at the results and see which ones work the best with your audience. You will notice a trend, so once you do, rinse and repeat! Good luck with your designing.

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