How wedding businesses can get real results with Facebook and Instagram ads

How wedding businesses can get real results with Facebook and Instagram ads.

If you’re in the wedding industry and your Facebook and Instagram ads aren’t getting any results, read on to discover three simple tips that can improve them AND get you a better return for your money! 

Target your audience in different ways.

The wedding industry is massive! Brides and grooms today are spoilt for choice. For every couple looking to organise the perfect day, there’s a plethora of wedding businesses wanting to do business with them. Facebook Ads for wedding businesses can be a handy tool to get more eyes on your service.

When you’re running ads on Facebook or Instagram and you create them through Facebook Ads Manager (which I always recommend you do, but that’s another blog), you need to specify who your audience is that you want to target with your ads.  

You’ll see that there are so many detailed targeting interests that you can choose from associated with weddings.  

But choose wisely!  

Choosing too many will make it difficult for you to identify what is working, and also what isn’t.  

I recommend that you create several personas of interests that you can test. This one way to discover your winning audience.  

For instance: 

  • Go broad! Choosing only an interest of “weddings” in Facebook could work well, so test this alone. Although it’s quite a broad interest (not niched in any way), Facebook’s algorithms are so sophisticated, they will find who will want to see your ad and will do a lot of the hard work of the targeting for you. 
  • Target people who have announced their engagement. To do this, you can target “Engaged” in your detailed targeting. Create an ad calling out recently engaged people to capture their attention. 
  • Identify people who follow wedding magazines on social media. This audience are looking for inspiration, so why not give them exactly what they want! Choose around three of the big magazine brands, either together or separately to test the performance of your ad.

Use the Facebook ads library to find advertising gems.

Sshh this is a secret ads manager trick, but I’ll let you in on it!  

Search for ‘Facebook ads library’ and you will find a library of all the live ads on Facebook and Instagram. You can even search the Facebook ads for wedding businesses and see what ads they’re running right now! 

Check out your industry leaders to see if they are promoting ads. They will have done a lot of research to identify what’s working well in today’s market. 

You’ll also see the date when the ad was created. When you see one with an older date than the others, that’s a sign that the ad is performing well, as they’ve kept it running. Take note of these the most! What messages are they using? What is their offer? What is on the images? Can you click through to the landing page and see how it’s laid out. All this information is good research for you too. 

Have fun with this one, but don’t copy what they are doing. Instead use this research to fuel your own imagination and creativity. 

Make sure every ad has a call to action.

A call to action makes it clear what you want the customer to do next. Without one, you are hoping that the next step is the right one. 

Be clear. Instead of saying ‘head to our website’, tell them what to do when they get there. For instance, tell them that when they click through, they’ll see, or receive, something they need. 

Your happy ever ad is achievable too. 

Designing an advertising strategy takes time to research and plan. Without these first steps, you are less likely to get the results that you are hoping for.  

So many people give up on Facebook ads because they’re too expensive, or not working for their business. In fact, all that is missing is some attention to these missing links. 

If you still need extra support to find your ‘happy ever after’ when it comes to Facebook and Instagram ads for your wedding business, feel free to get in touch with me. I can spend time with you to iron out any obvious issues, analyse your data, or even manage the ads for you if you’re short on time. 

Book a call with me today and let’s start reimagining your advertising strategy to get you some solid results. 


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