Facebook Ad or Boost Your Post?

Do you ever get those messages from Facebook and Instagram telling you that your post is doing 95% better than your other posts?

Does this make you think that you probably should be boosting it? So what’s the answer? Facebook ads or boost post?

My advice is a Facebook ad and here’s why.

When you boost a post by clicking that Boost button, what you are doing is creating a Facebook ad. This ad will be optimised and will be looking for high engagement levels. And that's the only objective of a boosted post.

What that means is that you’ll get lots of likes and comments, and maybe even a few shares, but if you're looking to sell something, you're probably not going to get many sales.

So, what's the alternative to boosting a Facebook post?

You can still promote the post that's doing really well to your organic audiences to other warm audiences like email list subscribers, or to your Facebook page engaged audience.

Or you could send it out to a cold audience to try and get a bit more brand awareness from inside Ads Manager.

Here’s how:

  • Create a new campaign based on which objective you would like.
  • Set up your ad for the audience you want to target.
  • Go into your create ad part, head to the section that says Select Post to choose the posts that are on your Facebook page.
  • If you're not sure which post it is, check the URL of the post - the last set of digits is your post ID (you can always put that in to find the post that is working well).

You won't be able to edit anything on that post, but if you need to edit it, you can do so in the post on your page, and then select it again to refresh the content. Once the ad is running you can't edit it.

Creating a Facebook ad gives you more control over what action you want people to take.

Unlike Boosts that have one objective – to get engagement, you can set up a Facebook ad to get the results you want. Here’s some examples.

Traffic Ad objective: A great way to raise awareness of your brand and to drive traffic to your website. Great when you are boosting blog posts.

Messenger objective: Choose this when you want the reader to message you. In the post the ‘send me a message’ button is already there for you to use.

Video Views: If you want more people to watch more of the video you are sharing, choose this option as Facebook will send it to people who are more likely to watch it through.

I hope this has made you think when wondering again about Facebook ads or boosting a post. Just remember – if you want something other than likes and comments, choose a Facebook ad instead!

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss about how Facebook or Instagram ads could work for your business, please get in contact today. 


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