Effective Facebook Ads For Small Businesses

Many business owners ask me what are effective Facebook ads for small businesses?

It’s a great question. To help me answer that question, here are a few examples of how well Facebook Ads have worked for some of my clients.

A client who wanted to promote their series of local training events.

(Please note that this was pre-pandemic and the events were ‘in person’.)We did an ad campaign targeting very specific areas of the country near to the training venues and to a very specific profession. We asked for a lead form to be completed - a type of ad where the customer submits their information to request more information. This information was directed to the client’s sales team who then followed up with the enquiry. They were so effective we had to stop the ads in the testing phase as they couldn’t cope with the amount of replies.

A client who wanted to build their email list using a competition.

We sent an ad out with the competition to cold audiences that were their target audience. Interested people simply clicked on a link to submit their information, importantly their email address, to receive a discount code as a thank you and entered the competition. We increased their email list by 188 people in one week for 76p per lead.

A client who wanted to carry out conversion campaigns to optimise for purchases.

To do a conversion campaign we take an event code from your website. This could be a purchase, or an add to cart, for example. We use the information that Facebook already has on the type of customers who are visiting your website and are taking that action to find new customers in a cold audience who will take the same action. We spent £1199.42 and made £23,609.92 – 19.68 times what they invested (ROAS or Return on Ad Spend). We were pretty happy with this campaign!

For this particular Facebook ad for a small business client, we created Lookalike Audiences, who are people who are similar to the people who are already taking action with you (purchasing) – these are a really good way of increasing sales on your website.

You can also use an audience saved from creating a conversion like complete registration or lead on your website. For instance if someone's inputting information into a form, again like a lead magnet, or clicking on a ‘contact us’ button, you can set it up to record these conversions.  These audiences can lead to higher conversion rates as they have already shown an interest – they are not a completely cold audience.

A client who is a coach with a five-day challenge.

Ads that bring in leads for a five-day challenge work well when when combine them with a Manychat account. We sent ads out with a ‘send message’ button on them encouraging people to click it. They don't have to leave Facebook to do this as the message instantly goes into Facebook messenger and corresponds with the messenger bot through Manychat. It asks them to subscribe to the challenge, adds them to the five-day challenge list, and does a lot of work that otherwise would take the customer to a few different pages. A great example of providing good customer experience. For this customer, we added 183 new contacts into their challenge.

A client who wanted to target customers who had left items in their online shopping cart.

Facebook ads are a fab and effective way of encouraging customers to actually go to the next level and buy! For this particular client who owned a product-based company we retargeted people who were adding to their basket but not checking out and achieved a 24 times return on their ad spend, by reminding people to buy the products they had left in their basket.

If you’d like to chat about effective Facebook Ads for small businesses, to get you more leads, more sales or more inquiries – get in touch today.

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