Are Facebook ads worth it in 2020?

It appears that many people are concerned are Facebook ads worth it in 2020? Whether promoting their products is the right thing to do during the pandemic.


Yes – it definitely is the right time. If you have the solution to someone’s problem, or have a product that will bring joy, these are the things that are needed now more than ever.

There are so many people online at the moment and social media is buzzing with activity. And when there are more people online, what that means for Facebook ads is that there is more space for the ads, which means you get lower ad costs.

I don’t know about you, but my online shopping has increased over the past few months. I think you've got to say to yourself, if you're an online service or if you're an online shop, then more people are online and they are wanting to buy.

What proof do I have that Facebook ads are worth it in 2020?

Two of my clients have run five-day challenges recently. One got more sign-ups than she thought she would. The other client, over the last few months including the lockdown period, had one of her biggest launches ever.

This shows that even though we are not necessarily feeling as positive as we have been, and things are a little bit odd, it doesn't stop us from selling, and our businesses do need to continue.

The one thing that I have been saying to people though is that the difference between now and before is how we write ads, so the copy that we use must be relevant. Instead of maybe going for the direct sale, we should use content that empathises. Talk to people's emotions and mention the current pandemic situation – demonstrate that you understand how they are feeling and why your product or service can help.

If Facebook ads have been one of the things you've been thinking about for your business, but you're not really too sure about whether Facebook ads are worth it in 2020, then I'm always here to have a free half an hour chat with you. In this time, we can discuss how Facebook ads can work for you and if there's a potential for your business.

I hope that helps bring you some positivity!

If you'd like to discuss how to use Facebook ads for your business, please take a look at my Facebook ads packages and book your discovery call today.

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