5 Priorities To Make Your Facebook Ads Perform Better

Wondering what you can do to make your Facebook ads perform better?

Wonder no more, here are the five priorities that you need to check to ensure that your Facebook ads perform well.

1. Choose the right objective for your Facebook and Instagram ads and ultimately influence the customer to take the action you want them to take.

  • Traffic: These Facebook ads send traffic (your customers and potential customers) to a landing page, or your website, or wherever you choose to direct them to.
  • Reach: This Facebook ad objective will reach as many people as it can.
  • Conversions: Get the conversions that you're looking for, whether that is a lead, adding a product to a cart, or purchasing (to name a few).
  • Catalogue Sales: These ads work brilliantly if you have a shop online, as they can direct a potential customer straight to the product that has caught their eye!

2. Your second priority to make your Facebook ads perform better is your targeting.

Have you really thought about who your target audience is?

  • Do you know where they hang out?
  • Do you know what pages they like already,
  • what interests they have,
  • how old they are,
  • are they parents,
  • what's their job title?

There is an element of planning that needs to take place before you get to this stage. The more research you do - the better your targeting – and this will show in the great results you are getting.

Don't choose too many interests either when setting up the ad - don't bundle in 20 or 30 of them. Test one or two at a time to see where your positive results are coming from.

3. The third priority is your ad placement.

When you're in the ad set, scroll down to placements; note that Facebook has this set to auto placements. Click into manual where you can choose where you want your ads to feature. Really think about where your audience is.

If you are using a video for your ad, decide if you want it to be in the video stream, or do you just want it on the Facebook feed? Do you want it on Facebook AND Instagram? Do you want it in Messenger? There’s a lot of options, so take the time to make the right choices for your product or service.

Audience network isn't always a good idea, because that's where your ad features on websites, in apps or games. But then again if these are the places where your audience is going to be, then obviously that’s great – go for it!

4. On to priority number four - your ad creative.

I always like to test at least 10 ads per ad set. Vary as much of the creative as you can; test images, videos and carousel posts where you can scroll through. Test collections, also known as instant experiences, which open up on mobile - brilliant for products.

Try different images of yourself and of stock images and try different written content. Don't vary it too much so it gets complicated.

I’d recommend you try direct sales with a link or try using long form copy (lots of written content). Try out the success of a few different variations; different headlines, different call to actions, buttons, no buttons, that sort of thing.

You may find that it's often the ads you don't think are going to perform well that become your winning ads.

5. And finally, priority number five is to really check your call to action.

Are you actually telling people what you want them to do in your ads? Don't be scared of telling somebody directly. If you are trialling long form copy, you should test the best place to put the call to action button – does it work better in the headline, at the top of the content, in the middle or at the bottom?

Test a variation of buttons: ‘learn more’, ‘sign up’, ‘download’, ‘shop now’.

You’ve probably realised by now that testing is key to getting your Facebook ads to perform better.  It's key to understand what performs well, and what doesn’t. After all of your testing you will find your winning formula!

If you need help tweaking your ads to make them perform better, please get in contact and see how I can help you. 

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