How to Prepare for a 5-Day Challenge Promotion

How to prepare for a 5-day challenge promotion


Should you prepare for a 5-day challenge promotion using Facebook ads, or just whack them up there and hope for the best? Well you know the saying ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’? The same goes for your launch.

You’ll be surprised just what goes into the preparation of Facebook advertising for a 5-day challenge promotion.

In this blog, I’ll guide you through the preparation stages crucial for a successful campaign.

Five-day challenge promotion

The ‘five-day challenges’ that many of us have taken part in, or seen on our social media feeds, are a fantastic way of gaining skills in a bite-size, simple to understand, fun way. It’s no wonder they’re so popular.

They are also an effective way to build your email list with prospective clients or customers keen to learn what you have to teach.

I know that a lot of time and effort is put into compiling the content for the challenge so PLEASE don’t forget to dedicate as much time into the preparation of the Facebook ads.

Let’s face it, alongside your organic promotion, the Facebook ads are a crucial part of getting members to sign up to the challenge in the first place.

The 5-day challenge launch timeline for Facebook ads

I’m delighted by the results my clients have had with their five-day challenges. Part of this success is the planning and preparation that I undertake before we set the ads live.

But don’t be fooled – the preparation time for any launch is not something you can do quickly. Including the 5-day challenge promotion period, I ask for 8 weeks total to prepare and set up everything ready to launch.

Yes, you read that right – the preparation work takes around two months!

I have been asked to do it in less time than this, which I can do of course, however it incurs a double-time fee as I end up working out of hours to fit all the preparation work in to the time.

Here’s what is involved:

  • The client has to be set up in business manager for Facebook. Just this pretty simple task alone can take up to a week if there are problems to overcome like forgotten passwords etc!
  • The Facebook pixel must be set up correctly and tested. This is the code placed on your website to collect data needed for some of the ads.
  • The landing page or the thank you page to be linked to the ads must be created correctly and tested for a smooth customer journey.
  • If integration is necessary, I need to ensure that all of the partner sites are set up properly. This can take up to two weeks.
  • The content for the Facebook ads must be written. But, before this can be done, time is spent researching the audience, target market and the client personas must be mapped out. Time is also needed for me to understand the product/service being advertised.
  • Relevant and eye-catching images or videos must be created.
  • Once the content and images have been created, sign off is required by the client.
  • If needed, edits are actioned.
  • Following approval, the ad itself needs to be set up in ads manager.

And, that’s not all. Facebook Ads Manager can be really slow to work with, which can be infuriating!

Don’t forget time to promote the launch

I like to advise at least three weeks for a 5-day challenge promotion. This gives us a week to test and optimise the audiences plus identify which ads are performing better than others.

The final two weeks of the live campaign is when we really maximize the budget to focus on getting as many leads as possible.

Upselling after the 5-day challenge promotion

Fantastic news! Your 5-day challenge promotion was a success, you ran the challenge without any glitches and you’re now in a great position to promote your amazing offer.

This is when retargeting ads can be a great chance to power up your promotion. Targeting people who were interested in the challenge, but didn’t sign up, plus all those names who signed up too, to get them over to the landing page for your paid program.

Lessons learned and how to apply them

Included in my service is an online report that you have access to throughout the launch which shows the main data you need to know (amount spent, amount of registrations) plus more detailed data including who is signing up (broken down into age, gender, location), best performing audiences, best performing ads and my lessons learned that I have noticed. All the data generated can help prepare for Facebook ads for the next campaign you may want to do.

Contact me to talk about your 5-day challenge promotion

if you’re planning a five-day challenge yourself, get in touch and see how I can help you make the most of it and upsell your service to the max! If you’ve been using organic promotion up until now and have a good conversion rate at the end your challenge, now is the time to super power your launch to get even more targeted leads into your challenge so that your return is greater. Check out the package here. 

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