With 2.5 billion monthly active users on Facebook (including Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger), it is the biggest social media platform in the world. That’s a lot of people that you can reach to grow your business.

But so many business owners have heard that Facebook ads don’t work or are expensive to run, that they let fear get in the way. Usually this misinformation has come from someone who didn’t know what they’re doing, hence why they didn’t get the results they had hoped for!

Right from the word go, I guarantee that I will be up front with you about your expected outcomes, keep in touch throughout the process so that you don’t feel left in the dark and all ads will be created in your own ad account – you will always have access to them.

the skill is in the strategy

I love Facebook ads and have successfully worked with health and beauty e-commerce brands and coaches and trainers to sell products, get leads for local training and fill 5-day challenges with registrations. All within budget and above the results they expected.

I always suggest a minimum of three months to get your ads working optimally, including earning you a return on your investment. I will spend time creating a strategy that will work towards your business goals, writing and designing ads that attract your audience and analysing the metrics to drive costs down.

The packages below offer different levels of support depending on your business goals. If you would like to discuss them in more detail, including amending them to your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Facebook Ads with Alex

“We were struggling with getting our online content in front of the right audiences that converted to sales. Alex worked with us to help target specific audiences with shared interests that were compatible with the products and services we offered as a business.

We were thrilled that the ads resulted in increased sales and revenues. She took control of it all, understanding where the online revenues came from and how to maximise them.

She was a pleasure to work with, extremely professional and wise in her field. Super friendly and generally just lovely.”

Shane O'Sullivan, 2019

"I had previously spent lots on Facebook ads, done very sporadically and probably very badly, but never producing any engagement or sales.

Alex worked hard to find the right audience for my rather rarefied, niche products and has done a great job, targeting an appropriate customer base.

It's a painless process to work with someone so skilled and efficient."

Kate Lloyd, 2019

"Alex created, managed, delivered and tested my Facebook Ads. I didn’t have to do a thing. I spent £170 on Facebook ads and made 3 x £997 direct sales from them. A £2821 return. Just let that sink in.

Alex is amazing, hire her immediately."

Helen Pritchard, 2018

"When I contacted Alex, I really wanted to increase the number of people on my 5 Day Challenge. I’d used Facebook Ads in the past, but not very successfully. I didn’t really understand how to test ads and I don’t have the analytical brain needed to closely monitor the statistics.

We set a goal to get 300 people in my 5-day challenge and we achieved 298! You can’t really get better than that! Alex did it all for me! I didn’t have to worry, I knew Alex was testing and monitoring and I didn’t have to worry about a thing.

If you don’t understand/or love Facebook Ads, you are missing out on the joy of not having to think about it all, Alex knows her stuff!"

Julie Begbie, 2020

"I had Facebook ads up and running but was struggling to find time to manage them and ensure they were performing the best they could be.  Alex took them off my hands, reducing my time spent and improving my results. The best thing about Alex is her ability to interpret what is in my head into the adverts themselves.

If you’re managing ads yourself, why not consider getting an expert who can master your ads for better results? It's quite common for people to set up ads and leave them running as they are, but Alex keeps an eye on them and tweaks them continuously to ensure they get the best return on your investment."

Kimba Cooper, 2020

choose your plan

Using the application form, you let me know what you are struggling with and together we will choose the most pressing problem to solve on this call
1 Hour call
Examples could be:
Ads Manager Audit,
Customer Journey Audit,
Ad Copy & Creative Audit,
Personal training on how to set up ads,
Copy and Creative Clinic where we rewrite and recreate your ads,
Ideal Audience and Targeting Deep Dive
Call recording sent to you afterwards
All documents shared with you that we work on during the call
book your power hour
This is a 'done with you' package where I will support you to set up, create and set live ads for your business, all with my expert knowledge and support
4 x weekly calls over 1 month
Call 1: Set Up Your Facebook Ads For Success - all the confusing back office tech taken care of so that it works like a dream
Call 2: Your Ideal Audience - deep dive into who your audience are and how to target them
Call 3: Copy And Creative Clinic - let's write and design some ads that pop
Call 4: Fire Up Your Ads - training session for how to set up your ads correctly and how to monitor your results
2 months Slack access for accountability to get your ads started and to get personal Q&A if you get stuck
All call recordings
Dropbox folder to store any documents we work on together
Additional Slack support available for ongoing Q&As
book your first call
starting from per month
Perfect for e-commerce brands, or ongoing lead generation. Target your audience at all stages of their journey. SUGGESTED AD SPEND £1000+
Kick start call to deep dive into your ideal customer, what your goals are and the project brief
MONTH 1 - Set Up Month including:
Website audit - what to tweak to improve your ad results
Pixel preparation - check it's set up correctly to track your audiences and capture leads
Facebook ads strategy plan - your personal Facebook ads funnel
Audience Mapping - who your target market is, where they are and what's going to make them buy from you
Creation, design and set-up of all ads, including writing the copy and designing the ad imagery
Ecommerce Catalogue management - ensuring your catalogue of products is up to date and working optimally
MONTH 2 onwards includes:
Multiple testing phases - rapid testing that will find the who, what, where and how quickly so that we can move quickly to getting results
Ongoing ad creation - regular refreshes of ad copy and creative to avoid audience fatigue
Optimising the ads throughout the month to ensure they are performing at their best, making changes when necessary.
Online report dashboard to access the results whenever you need to, with a monthly report with my suggestions
Monthly review meeting to stay on track with your goals and keep track of results
book a free consultation

the nitty gritty

website audit

I will conduct a thorough audit of your website and provide you with suggestions including technical and customer experience issues that I feel could be changes in order for your ads to work better. If needed, I can liaise directly with your web developer to get any changes implemented.

ads manager audit audit

I will conduct a thorough audit of your Facebook Ads Manager account and provide you with suggestions of changes that you could make to get your ads to perform better. I will also outline what you are doing right and is working - sometimes it's just a matter of looking at them with fresh eyes!

ideal client targeting brainstorm

Using my own questionnaire developed through years of working with clients to identify their ideal paying customer, I will work with you to laser target who it is you want to attract towards your products and services and research and locate where to find them on Facebook or Instagram. This means we won't waste money showing your ads to people who aren't interested in what you have to offer!

Facebook ads strategy plan
After the Kick Start Your Ads Strategy Call, I will send you a thorough report showing you details from your ad account and website audit, plus my suggestions for what to change to help your ads perform better. Alongside the recording of the strategy call, you will everything you need to make positive changes to your ads.
Facebook business manager set up
It is best practice to conduct your business through Facebook Business Manager. I will ensure that you have everything set up properly to ensure that you don't violate any policies and protect your business assets. I am then connected to you as a Partner, which means I can work safely from my own Facebook Business Manager Account.
pixel preparation
Sometimes your Facebook pixel isn't working as well as it could be, which means you aren't accurately tracking who is taking action through your ads or on your website. I will do a check-up to make sure there are no issues and everything is optimised, including looking at your landing pages.
creation, design and set-up of all ads
Using my skills as a Copywriter, I will map out and write the copy for your ads. I will also create a selection of ad images and videos using creative that you already own to stay on brand. All copy and images will be sent to you for approval before going live.
ongoing ad creation
I will work with you to help create frequent changes of ad creative to send out to your audiences to ensure they never get bored and sales never get stagnant.
ad optimisation throughout the month
I will continually manage the ads that are live to constantly drive down costs. This may include creating new ads which will be sent to you for review.
monthly report
I will give you access to an online dashboard where you can check results throughout the month. At the beginning of every month, I will send you a comprehensive report showing the ad results for that month and suggestions that I have for how to optimise them to get better results for the next month. We can then discuss this together at the Client Review Meeting.
monthly review meeting
Every month we will have a client review meeting on Zoom to discuss the suggestions in the report for the previous month and the results in more detail. It's also a great time to plan for the month ahead and talk about where you are at with the goals for your business so that the ads stay relevant. Plus it's always nice to say hello in person.