I’ve been a Facebook ads manager since 2016, helping my clients grow their businesses and cheerleading with them when the results roll in.

I just love sales.

The psychology, the buzz of the ads going live and the sheer pleasure of the results pinging in.

I’ve worked with clients who have started with a monthly ads budget of £500 and scaled with me to tens of thousands of pounds, with consistently over six times a return on their investment.

My clients have included local businesses looking for leads, online coaches filling five-day challenges, coaches building their email lists and award-winning e-commerce brands selling multiple product lines.

All successful ad campaigns.

About Alex Platt

this is where the magic happens

About Alex Platt

I am a trained copywriter and self-confessed spreadsheet lover.

I love nothing more than planning buyer personas, or analysing conversion rates of ads.

I design everything we need – strategy, creative and copy – and give you access to the lot. It makes my blood boil to hear of agencies that control the lot through their accounts and their clients can't see what it going on.

I keep chatting with you throughout the design, creation and running of ads so you never feel out of control.

I know ads can feel like a gamble, which is why I stay in touch with you so that you know exactly how they are getting on.

I take the decision making off your hands, but keep you in the loop, so you can breathe a sigh of relief that someone is helping. With my assertive and proactive nature, I take control as a partner in your business. The last thing you need is someone else to manage.

Shall we work together?

After six years of supporting clients with their marketing, I now specialise in creating captivating ad content, designing intuitive Facebook ads strategies to amplify online visibility and supercharge businesses without wasting precious money.

As a Mum of two whirlwind boys and a wife to an offshore rig-worker, I know all about juggling family, life and business and the chaos that sometimes runs through them all. I love working with action-taking, creative female entrepreneurs and I especially love inspiring them to be courageous about advertising.

If this is you – why not book a call with me today and let’s find out exactly how I can help.